Exterior Insulation

That pays for itself


Save money on energy bills

The average timber home, or properties with no cavity in the walls can loose up to 45% of its heat through walls.   That means lots of the money you spend on energy is wasted and simply vanishing into thin air.

Energywise can instal external insulation to the outside of your house, like a warm winter jacket – that keeps the heat you pay for inside your home for longer By doing this the money you save on energy will stay in your pocket. In time, these savings will pay for the installation, add value to the property, and reduce you carbon emissions.

Your house can be insulated in many ways. You can save a lot of money on heating bills by maximising insulation. Lofts and walls, however they are constructed, can be insulated in some way. We can help identify the best way to tackle the job to ensure you achieve the best results.


Make your property gorgeous…

External insulation comes in a choice of styles that will make your property look like new and save you time and money on ongoing maintenance. Talk to our team today about the options available.

External Insulation..it’s a no brainer

Easy Installation
Installing external insulation is an easy process with little or no disruption to your household. Because its installed on the outside, you can stay happy in you home while we install. The process takes 3-5 days and Energywise will ensure you’re happy every steps of the way.
25 year guarantee
Energywise external insulation comes with a 25 year SWIGA independent guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.
Government support

The Scottish Government is very keen for Scotland to be energy efficient and for us all to reduce our carbon footprint and heat our homes more cost efficiently. As such, they are offering an interest free loan for up to 10 years, so you can spread the cost (remember that your energy savings will pay for the majority of the installation). On top of this, they are currently offering a grant which gives you 25% of your loan value (up to a maximum of £2,500) meaning you only re-pay 75% of your loan.

Because we work in partnership with SPS Envirowall we can provide our clients and customers with first class technical and design support, whether it is for a single property or for housing stock which requires a street by street approach.

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Choose Energywise Scotland. Your No.1 for Insulation

We offer complete project design and specification.

We are accredited and trusted partner of SPS Envirowall.

We work to get things right the first time, every time.

We are Pas2030 Accredited.

We have our own team of inspectors to ensure quality installation.

We adhere to the highest standards of Health & Safety.

From start to finish, our we offer a bespoke solution for domestic properties.

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